African Homiletics Society

EHS International Affiliates

EHS is an academic society formed for the exchange of ideas related to the instruction of biblical preaching. EHS’s goals are as follows: to advance the cause of biblical preaching through the promotion of a biblical-theological approach, increase competence for teachers of preaching, integrate of the fields of communication, biblical studies, and theology, and to provide scholarly contributions to the field of homiletics.

The Evangelical Homiletics Society International Affiliate 03

Are you passionate about equipping others for effective, biblical preaching?

The Evangelical Homiletics Society seeks like-minded professors, pastors, and scholars around the world to establish EHS affiliate chapters in their own countries, fostering a vibrant network for sharing ideas and resources on homiletics. By affiliating with the EHS, your chapter gains access to exclusive benefits and opportunities to connect with a global network of preaching experts. Your first step is to apply for international affiliate status and meet the following guidelines. 

Chapter Guidelines

  • Subscribe to the current EHS Statement of Faith.
  • Solicit academic papers.
  • Hold an annual meeting at which papers are presented and discussed.
  • Must be self-sustaining and self-governing.
  • A current active EHS Member in good standing will serve as a reference or recommender to the board.
  • The International chapter will apply to the EHS board for affiliate chapter status.

  • The EHS board will review affiliate chapter status every 3 years for possible renewal. 

EHS Affiliate Benefits

  • EHS will offer a reserved time in its annual meeting for the presentation of the best academic paper from the affiliate's annual meeting. 

  • EHS will provide the conference registration fee for the best paper's author.

  • EHS will consider the paper for possible publication in the Journal of the Evangelical Homiletics Society.

  • EHS will promote and list the affiliate chapter (including officers and contact information) on the EHS website.

  • EHS offers interaction and relationship with other evangelical homileticians from around the world at its annual gathering. 

  • EHS offers interaction with major evangelical book publishers at its annual gathering.