Spring Webinar – Preaching and the Paintings

Preaching and the Paintings

On March 14th, from 2:00-3:00 pm EST, EHS will host a webinar with Dr. Danny Forshee. Forshee pastors Great Hills Baptist Church in Austin, Texas, and serves as President of the Danny Forshee Evangelistic Association. In addition to his work as a pastor, Dr. Forshee also served on the faculty, at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

When Endel Lee, past president of EHS, heard the theme Preaching and the Arts for the 2024 Annual Meeting, he shared about a compelling sermon series that Danny Forshee delivered to Great Hills Baptist church that utilized famous paintings of Biblical scenes. The series, “Preaching the Paintings,” provided an alternative to Forshee’s typical practice of consecutive exposition through Biblical books. Forshee’s series offers one example of the intersection of preaching and the arts.

During the webinar, EHS President Kris Barnett will interview Dr. Forshee about the series. They will discuss what made the series effective and consider implications for other intersections between preaching and the arts. Webinar participants will have an opportunity to pose questions. Hopefully, the webinar will prompt ideas and thoughts that may lead to sermon ideas or research topics for October’s meeting. 

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Access the sermon series.

Preaching the Paintings – https://vimeo.com/showcase/5597550

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