Papers Presented at the Annual Conference


This is a list of papers presented at EHS conferences.  Papers that won the Willhite Award for the outstanding paper at each conference are in bold and linked to the full-text.  The full-text of all papers is available to EHS members here.  A Call for Papers is sent out in the spring of each year for the fall conference. Click here for paper proposal and submission guidelines.

2022 Conference – Engaging a World Homiletic

Bishop, Meghan. “Intellectual Disability and Homiletical Practice: An Analysis from within the Pentecostal Tradition”
Cash, Brandon. “A Hermeneutic of Instruction: A function of Torah in the Hebrew Scriptures and its Implications for Christian Preaching”
Gierer, Emily Dolan. “Teaching and Preaching: Utilizing Tools from the Classroom in the Pulpit”
Gregory, Daniel J. “Using the Social Identity Approach as a Heuristic for Preaching Amos”
Hall, Larry T. “A Case Study: Developing Strategies for Effective English to Swahili Preaching at Fellowship Baptist Church, Malindi, Kenya”
Hilkemann, Todd H. “Towards a Contextualized African Homiletic in African Homiletics Pedagogy”
Hollifield, Gregory K. “On the Spectrum: Preaching, Empathy, and the Challenges of Neurodiversity”
MacBride, Tim. “In (Partial) Defence of the Monologue Sermon”
Maples, Kevin. “The Preacher’s Racial Identity: Engaging a World Homiletic as a Human”
Peeler, Joshua M. “’Them’s Fighting Words’: Common Principles of Christian Conflict Resolution”
Rappazini, Chris. “Show AND Tell: The Use of Visual Aids in Preaching”
Schmitt, Christian A. “Epic Transcendence and Christian Preaching: An Initial Foray into Epic Preaching”
Thigpen, Fieldon. “Misapplied Language: Toward a New Testament Lexicon of Preaching”
Tu, Steve. “Homiletics of the Oppressed”
Wilson, Mark O. “Southern Fried Preaching with Grits: A Discovery of Homiletic Implications for Congregational Vitality by Exploring Common Preaching Practices of 10 Thriving South Carolina Churches”
Wilson, Will. “Forming and Performing the Sermon: How Hand Gestures Help the Preacher Think and Preach”
Wright, Nathan and Gerber, Alison. “What’s Our Big Idea?: Analyzing the Academic Literary Corpus of the Evangelical Homiletics Society”
Zimmerman Jr., Harry G. “Engaging the Black Tradition in Homiletics”

2021 Conference – Preaching Hope & Lament

Barton, Casey. “On the Willows we Hung Our Harps: Preaching the Lament and Hope of Psalm 137
Bishop, Meghan. “Altar Calls, Abstraction, and Ascension: How an Embodied Gospel Message Provides a Sacred Space for Lament”
Demme, Arica Heald. “Lament and Hope of a Female Evangelical Preacher”
Gibson, Scott M. and Gregory, Daniel J. “Patterns of Preaching During a Period of Lament: A Digital Assessment of Selected Sermons Preached from Around the World at the Beginning of the Worldwide COVID-19 Pandemic”
Dolan Gierer, Emily. “Active Preaching: Engaging the Congregation in the Preaching Act”
Jeon, Daehyuk. “The Experience of the Gospel in Preaching Through the Juxtaposition of Lament and Hope”
Kitterlin, Derek H. “Figuratively Speaking: Does it Make a Difference?”
Lincoln, Kyle and Cook, David. “The Call to Bless and not to Curse: Naming Mental Health Problems and Framing “Now” and “Not-Yet” Hope Horizons in Our Preaching”
Lucky, Scott. “What Hath Montreal to do with Exposition? Allowing Charles Taylor’s Concept of the Secular to Inform Argumentation in Preaching to those in the West”
McMillian, Jacob. “Speech Act Theory and the Force of Preaching”
Nason, Jonathan S. “Preaching Hope in a Pandemic: A Study of New York City Preachers During COVID-19”
Peeler, Joshua M. “Personal Suffering as an Apologetic for Preaching”
Rappazini, Chris. “Exploring the Topic of Topical Preaching”
Ray III, Charlie. “The Covenant Faithfulness and Justice of God: A Necessary Framework for Preaching Hope and Lament”
Reese, David. “God Will Make a Way: Trauma-Informed Preaching in the Shadow of Public Tragedy”
Seo, “Kaleb” Kyeongmin. “Preaching Eschatological Hope in the Prophetic Tradition and Remnant Theology: How Did the Prophets Declare Hope Out of Lamentation?”
Van Koh, Stuart. “Notes from Underground Preaching: The Persecuted Church’s Hope-Filled Homiletic”
Yu, Hyung Jae (Joseph). “Preaching a Character’s Inner Life Through an Inference Theory”

2020 Conference – Preaching in An Age of Idols

Alcántara, Jared. “Preaching that Destroys the Gods”
Alley, Gary. “The Preaching Style Preferred by Young Adults: Do They Exhibit a Discernable Preference?”
Anderson, Victor. “Believe! as the Biggest Big Idea: Stimulating Faith through Expository Sermons”
Boltinghouse, Randall. “The Online Pulpit: A Validation from Paul beyond Pragmatics”
Bumpers, H. Jared. “This Is the Way”: A Taxonomy of Preaching Dissertations”
Curry, Andrew. “How the Image Changes the Message: Recalling Neil Postman’s
Critique of Televised Religion and Relating it to the Surge of On-Screen Preaching Driven by the Covid-19 Pandemic”
Gardner, Tyshawn. “Beginning with the End in Mind: Redeeming Social Crisis Preaching from Social Justice Idolatry”
Hoffman, Paul. “Preaching That Heals Our Divides: A Model for Addressing Ethnocentrism and Reconciliation from the Pulpit
Hollifield, Gregory. “Of Rhetoricians, Rappers, and Local Church Pastors: Preaching in An Age of Celebrity”
Kitterlin, Derek. “Going Back in Order to Go Forward: The Sermons of Charles Wesley”
Lincoln, Kyle. “There’s Time Enough: Time as a Potential Idol for Preachers”
O’Neill, Lucas.“Preaching the Bridegroom: Revisiting the Parable of the Garment and Wineskins.”
Palmer, Rodney. “Trauma-Informed Preaching in an Age of Idols”
Price, Eric. “Situating Black Evangelical Preaching Within Scholarship on Black Homiletics: William E Pannell As a Case Study”
Ray III, Charlie. “Preaching the Old Testament in the New Testament: An Intertextual Method.”
Scharf, Greg. “The Fear of the Lord: A Missing Antidote to Homiletical Idolatry?”
Stanfill, Jeff. “Preaching in a Natural Environmental Disaster”
Umphrey, Ray. “When Sermons Won’t Structure Themselves: Three Case Studies in Sermon Structure from Matthew’s Gospel”
Welliver, Jesse. “Disinterested Preaching: Paul’s Homiletical Humility in Philippians 1:15-18 As a Response to the Idol of Influence”
Zimmerman, Heather Joy.  “Location is (Almost) Everything! A Case for Preaching the Psalms in Light of Their Literary Contexts”

2019 Conference – Preacher as Theologian

Alcántara, Jared E., “Teaching Preaching as a Deliberate Practice.”
Anderson,Kenton C., “The Persistence of Preaching: Why Christian Preaching Remains Resilient Within the Church Today.”
Banting, Blayne A., “Understanding Biblical Preaching: A Taxonomy.”
Boltinghouse, Randall A., “Preaching Sound Words: A Homiletical Lexicon from the Pastoral Epistles.”
Boys, Ryan, “Preaching to the Trees with an Eye on the Forest: A Proposal for Resolving Theological Tension between a Preaching Portion and the Canon of Scripture in Expository Sermons.”
Dalton, Major H., “Preaching Theology From A Place of Weakness: Theological Certainty, Ministerial Pride, and the Place of Suffering in Christian Preaching.”
Gibson, Scott M., “The Preacher’s Character.”
Gregory, Daniel J. Sr., “Preaching for Spiritual Identity Formation: Accounting for the Influence of Congregants’ Intuitive Beliefs on Self-Narration.”
Hollifield, Gregory K., “Contextualize? Construct? Improvise? In Consideration of Preaching’s Theological Task”
Kim, Duck Hyun., “The Living Voice of God and Its Present: Revisiting the Essential Homiletical Theology Issues Based on Speech Act Theory”
Kim, Matthew D., “Preaching in Living Color: The Preacher as Biblical and Racial/Ethnic Exegete.”
Koslowsky, Kevin D., “Ricoeur’s Narrative Identity for Evangelical Homiletics.”
Nelson, Jesse L. “Anointed to Preach: A Response to Richard P. Bargas’s paper presented at the 2013 annual conference, ‘The Holy Spirit in the Pulpit: Attempting to Define Divine Unction.'”
Park, Hyun Shin. “Toward a Theology-Rooted Application Paradigm in Expository Preaching: Responding to the Impact of Artificial Intelligence Revolution on Church.”
Phillips, Benjamin B., “Theology Begins at Home: Theological Self-Perception and the Development of Public Theologians.”
Price, Eric. “To be Evangelical Apart from Whiteness: William E Pannell’s Preaching In Light of White Cultural Normativity.”
Scharf, Greg R., “Truth, Trust, and Transformation: The Connection between Theology and Life as Exemplified by Paul’s Letter to the Colossians.”
St. John, Russell, “Big Ideas and Bad Ideas.”
Thornton, Neal, “Preaching in Demonstration of the Spirit: E. M. Bounds’ Theology of Unction.”
Welliver, Jesse. “Forming Kings, Priests, and Prophets: The Munus Triplex as a Theological Framework for Sermon Application.”
Zimmerman, Harry G., “Black Theological Preaching and How It Relates to the Church.”
Zimmerman, Heather Joy, “Measuring the Iceberg: Biblical Theological Influences on Preaching Christ in the Old Testament.”

2018 Conference – Effective Preaching in the 21st Century

Crouse Jr., Philip Andrew. “Preaching the Mission of God: How Focusing on God’s Mission Benefits Preachers and Congregations.”
Day, Benjamin. “Preaching for Racial Harmony: A Comparative Analysis of the Preaching of William Sloane Coffin and John Piper.”
Hollifield, Greg. “By 2050: Preparing Students to Preach Effectively in an Emerging Secondary Oral Society.”
Hovis, Jake. “Preach Like TED: What TED Talks Can Teach 21st Century Preachers.”
Kato, Alex. “Reinstating Sincerity: From Calvin to Sartre to Hipsters to Paul”
Kitterlin, Derek. “Still Learning from a Legend: The Presence of Figures of Speech in the Sermons of Gardner C. Taylor.”
Nelson, Jesse. “Effective Preaching in the 21st Century: Lessons Gleaned from the Sermons of Martin Luther King, Jr.”
Peeler, Joshua. “A Modest Proposal for Preaching Bioethics in the Twenty-First Century.”
Phillips, Jere. “Multi-generational Preaching.”
Rappazini, Chris. “What Has Been Written: Quantitative Studies on Textbooks Used in Seminary Classrooms”
Soh, Desmond. “Effective Sermon Forms to Reach the Majority World.”
Thompson, Andrew C. “Preaching Thickness: Evangelical Homiletics and the Layers of Biblical Texts.”
Thornton, Neal. “The Shepherd and The Screen: An Analysis and Critique of Media in the 21st Century Preaching Event.”
Sweeney, Jacob. “Liturgical Homiletics: Formative Preaching for a Formless Age.”
Sweet, Rodrick Oliver. “Exploring the Theological Foundation for Black Preaching in the 21st Century: A Systematic Approach.”
Wolverton, Bearett. “‘Turn With Me in Your iPhones…’ How the Smartphone has changed Preaching.”
Wright, Nathan. “Preaching as the Inaugurated Eschatological Redemption of Human Speech: Towards a Biblical Theology of Preaching.”
Zimmerman, Jr., Harry G. “Understanding The African American Preacher, His Church, His Message and His Theology”

2017 Conference – What Makes Evangelical Homiletics Evangelical? Challenges and Distinctives

Alcántara, Jared E. “Sermons with ‘Local Soil’: Cultivating Contextually Responsive Preachers”
Boys, Ryan. “The Rhetorical Features of Biblical Apocalyptic Literature and Implications for
Brown, France B., Jr. “The Intentionally Contextualized Rhetoric of Martin Luther King, Jr.: A
Paragon for Relevance in Evangelical Preaching”
Campbell, Jeffery. “Keeping the ‘Evangel’ in Evangelical Preaching: How to Preach Sermons
that are True to the Text and Focused on the Gospel”
Carlson, Robert. “Preach Like the Prophets: Biblical Examples for Evangelical Preaching”
Charpentier, Pete. “What Does Evangelical Preaching in a Pluralistic Culture Look Like?
Exploring Homiletical Implications from the Content and Rhetorical Strategies of Paul’s Sermon in Acts 17 for Contemporary Evangelical Preaching
Giese, David M. “Ensuring Evangelical Exposition is Not Betrayed by Moralistic Application:
Toward an Evangelical Theology and Praxis of Sermon Application”
Kato, Alex. “The Theology behind the Books We Choose”
Kitterlin, Derek. “Emotional Intelligence and Persuasion: Is One Advantageous to the Other?”
Nelson, Jesse L. “Barriers: The Challenges for Evangelical Homiletics in the African American
Church and Community”
O’Neill, Lucas. “The Solas of the Reformation: Five Hallmarks of Distinctively Evangelical
Rappazini, Chris. “The Millennial Preacher: How the Next Generation Will Lead and Preach”
Zimmerman, Heather Joy. “No Longer Second Class Sermons: Redeeming the Topical Sermon’s Reputation through Application

2016 Conference – The Political Pulpit

Allen, David L. “Text-Driven Preaching: Why and What?”
Campbell, Jeff. “The Bully Pulpit and the Biblical Pulpit: The Scriptural Intersect of Politics and
Fields, Barry E. “Puritan Pulpit Polemics: Increase Mather’s Use of Preaching to Engage the Political Sphere”
Magruder, Jeff. “What Andy Stanley Has in Common with John Broadus, Fred Craddock, and Haddon Robinson: A Rhetorical Analysis of Stanley’s Message Map”
Moody, Scott. “A Persuasive Pulpit in a Political World”
Peeler, Joshua. “Color Blind Politics: How African-American Pastors Serve as Examples for Political Engagement from the Pulpit”
Pelton, Randal and Arthurs, Jeffrey. “The Rewards and Challenges of Teaching Robinson’s Big Idea Method”
Price, Eric. “What is Moralistic Preaching? A Survey of Definitions and a Proposal for Preaching the Imperatives of Scripture”
Rappazini, Chris. “Towards a Servant-Leadership Homiletic: Using Robert Greenleaf’s Servant-
Leadership Dispositions to Preach Politically Sensitive Sermons”
Rogers, Chase. “The Politics of Preaching: Bonhoeffer’s Approach for Addressing Politics in Preaching
Sweet, Rodrick. “W. E. B. Du Bois: Double Consciousness, the Black Negro Problem, and The African American Political Pulpit”
Taylor, Michael. “Intentionally and Gracefully Incorrect: Recovering the Prophetic Preaching of
Judgment and Righteousness in a Politically Correct World”
Vibert, Simon. “How to Hear a Sermon”

2015 Conference – Preaching and Biblical Literacy

Alcántara, Jared. “Church in the Wild: Preaching in an Age of Americanized Secularization and Biblical Illiteracy.”
Banting, Blayne. “It’s a Grey Matter: An Apology for Right-Brained Preaching.”
Boutot, M. Hopson. “Losing the Trees for the Forest: Redemptive-Historical Preaching and the Loss of Micro-Biblical Literacy.”
Bumpers, Howard. “John Broadus, the New Homiletic, and Illustrations: Using Biblical Narratives as Illustrations to Promote Biblical Literacy.”
Casey, Rod. “14 Sentences: Pedagogical ‘Gold’ for Enhanced Clarity.”
Easley, Toby. “Reading, Writing, and Architectonic: Will Jonathan Edwards’s Eighteenth Century Studious Model Translate into Twenty First Century Literacy for Pastor’s and Congregations?”
Heacock, Clint. “Biblical Literacy: Cultural Appropriations of the Scripture and the Potential Impact upon Preaching.”
Hollifield, Greg. “Signals of Intent: Toward Understanding the Signs of a Pericope’s Theological Thrust.”
Hovis, Jake. “Preach Christ or Go Home: Spurgeon’s Abhorrence of Christless Preaching.”
Jeong, Shinchan. “Understanding the Letter to Philippians as a Secondary Form of Preaching.”
Jessen, Jeremy. “The Homiletic Paradigm of the Christian Scribe in Matthew 13:52.”
Kim, Duck Hyun. “An Alternative Biblical Epistemology and Consequently Its Homiletical Praxis Using the Speech Act Theory (SAT) for a Homiletic Performance from Text to Sermon.”
McMillian, Jacob. “Spiritual Transformation: A Dialogue With the Heart of Man in Evangelistic Preaching.”
Magruder, Jeff. “The Rise of Expository Preaching in Assemblies of God Ministerial Education: Potential and Pitfalls.”
Neely, Winfred. “The Path to Theme in 2 Samuel 13:1-38: An Exercise in Theological, Cognitive, and Literary Hermeneutics.”
Phillips, Benjamin B. “Fellowship of the Triune God: The Divine Context for a Theology of Preaching.”
Walker, Christopher “Kyle”. “The Claude-Simeon Expository Method, the Modified Modern Sermon Form and their Marks on Biblical Literacy.”
Walton, Ben. “The Significance of Contemporary Communication Theory for Promoting Biblical Literacy through Preaching.”
Watson, Glenn. “Big Story Preaching: Nurturing Gospel-Shaped Disciples through Metanarrative Proclamation.”
Wright, Nathan. “Preaching as Theology: A Historical Sketch of the New Homiletic’s Native Theological Habitat.”

2014 Conference – Hermeneutics for Homiletics

Jeffrey Arthurs.  “Stirring Memory: How to be a Remembrancer”
David Bland.  “A Hermeneutical Foundation for Preaching Proverbs”
Benjamin D. Espinoza.  “Let Them Come, Forbid Them Not”:
Exploring Child-Conscious Preaching
Scott M. Gibson.  “The Landscape of the Character of Preaching”
Duck Hyun Kim.   “Reframing the Hermeneutical Question as Part
of Its Homiletical Responsibility: Making Extensive Use of the Speech Act Theory (SAT)”
John Koessler.  “The Presence of God and the Sermon in the Worship of the Church”
Mike Miller.  “Preaching Difficult Texts”
R. Larry Overstreet.  “Hermeneutical Problem? Homiletical Opportunity!”
Calvin Pearson.  “Composition Pedagogy Increases Effectiveness in Homiletic Pedagogy”
Greg R. Scharf – “The Pulpit Rebuke: What is it? When is it appropriate? What makes it effective?”
Russell St. John.  “Rethinking the Hermeneutic of Fusion: Toward Clarity in Preaching the Literary Forms of the Bible”
Ben Walton.  “Philosophical Hermeneutics and Evangelical Preaching”
Timothy Warren.  “Exploring Precursors to and Benefits of Abe Kuruvilla’s ‘Pericopal Theology'”
Sunggu (Paul) Yang.  ‘Five Socio-Ecclesial Codes: Toward a Distinctive Asian American Homiletical Hermeneutic”

2013 Conference – Spirit-Led Preaching

Jared E. Alcantara.  “Where’s the ICE.? Why Developing an Intercultural Competence Ecology (ICE) Is Integral to the Homiletics Classroom of the Present and the Future
Kenton C. Anderson.  “Preaching the Gospel: Integrating the Elements that Transform Us”
Jeffrey Arthurs – “The Lord’s Remembrancers”
Richard P. Bargas.  “The Holy Spirit in the Pulpit: Attempting to Define Divine Unction”
Daniel D. Green.  “Robert Alter and the Apostle Luke: Finding the Big Idea of Lucan Narratives By Examining Direct Discourse”
Lenny Luchetti.  “Preaching as a Spiritual Discipline: An Incarnational Model”
Jere Phillips.  “Tongues of Fire: How The Holy Spirit Transformed the Preaching of Great Modern Evangelists”
Steven W. Smith.  “The Gospel in Genre: The Case for a Gospel-Centered Homiletic Via the Shape of Biblical Genre”
Don Sunukjian.  “Hermeneutics Changes Homiletics: The Book of James”
Stephen Tu. “Spirit-led Preaching, or What’s Wrong with North American Homiletics”
Ben Walton.  “Do Not Quench the Spirit: The Value of Mini-Synopses for Preaching the Revelational Scope of the Text”
Curtis J. Young.  “Renewed Preaching: The Relevance of Transformational Learning Theory in Homiletics”

2012 Conference – Multi-Cultural Preaching

Jared E. Alcantara.  “Toward an Intercultural Homiletic”
Vic Anderson.  “Nuts and Bolts of Culture-Sensitized Sermons”
Woosung Calvin Choi. “Toward a Cross-cultural Hermeneutic: A Multiperspectival Approach”
Gregory K. Hollifield.  “Lessons from a Memphis Jail: What I Learned from Twelve Years of Cross-Cultural Preaching at One of America’s Largest, Privately Funded, Juvenile Correctional Facilities”
José G. Izaguirre, III.  “Preaching to a ‘Culture within a Culture’: Shaping Rhetorical Strategies Targeting Generations of Mexican-Americans in the United States”
Ryan Cheolgyu Kim.  “Preaching with Compassion: The Theology of Incarnation in the Compassionless Age”
Ryan Cheolgyu Kim.  “Preaching with Multicultural Awareness: A Case Study of Culture Shock Experiences for the Ministry of the Word”
Stephen Tu.  “Preaching and the Challenge of Religious Diversity: Toward An Interfaith Homiletic”
Benjamin H. Walton.  “Enhancing Second Person Narrative Applications for Multi-Cultural Preaching Contexts”

2011 Conference – Learning From The History Of Preaching

Jared E. Alcántara.  “Sundays in “East” New York: 1948-1960”
Casey Barton.  “Horace Bushnell’s Romantic Homiletic: Language, Life, Reconciling Opposites”
Woosung Calvin Choi.  “What Can We Learn from the Past: Has Preaching Contributed to Individualism in the Church?”
William R. Mcalpine.  “The Preaching of A. B. Simpson and Pentecostalism”
Paul N. Merideth.  “Ahistorical Preaching”
Jared Steven Musgrove. “The Persistent Gospel Preaching of Ulrich Zwingli: A Reminder of the Means of True Reform in the Local Church”
Joseph Park.  “The Impact of John Wesley’s Preaching on 18th Century Britain”
Randal Emery Pelton.  “Creatively Moving to the Cross: Adopting the Goal while Adjusting the Method of Early Christian Preaching”
Eung-Yul Ryoo.  “Learning from John Calvin’s Methodology of Biblical Interpretation”
Greg R. Scharf.  “Lessons from Heinrich Bullinger: How Convictions about Preaching Can Shape the Work of Equipping Pastors”
Stephen Tu.  “What Makes a Good Sermon Good?”
Scott A. Wenig.  “Preaching to Power: Observations on the Sermons of Edwin Sandys during the Reign of Elizabeth I”

2010 Conference – Connecting Preaching With Worship

Jeff Arthurs.  “Devote Yourself to the Public Reading”:  Enhancing the Role of Scripture Reading in Worship
John Koessler.  “Prophet, Priest or Stand‐Up Comedian?  The Priestly Role of the Sermon”
Vic Anderson.  “Learning from African Preachers: Preaching as Worship Experience”
Jerry Barlow.  “Timely Preaching–Timely Worship”
Jim Rodgers.  “The Heart of Worship and Facility Stewardship:  Haggai’s Preaching Theme—‘Give Careful Thought to Your Ways’”
Jessica-Robyn Mayne-Trevithick.  “The Effectiveness of the Arts in Preaching and Worship”
David Eung-Yul Ryoo.  “Preaching and Worship in the Korean Church”
Jared Alcántara  & Jeff Arthurs.   “Perpetually Connected?  The Effects and Implications of Ambient Technology”
Stephen Tu.  “From Pulpit to iPod: Disconnecting Preaching from Worship”
Charles Fuller.  “The Pulpit at the Precipice of Heresy: Incarnational Preaching as a Theological Misnomer”
Lionel Moriah.  “Imagination: Matchmaker of Preaching and Worship”
Hershael York.  “Text, Emotion, and Audience: Finding the Line  Between Planning and Manipulation in Worship and Preaching”
William Mcalpine.  “Mystery in Preaching and Worship”

2009 Conference – Promoting Community Through Preaching

Greg Scharf.  “Were the Apostles Expository Preachers?”
Abe Kuruvilla.  “Application as Improvisation”
Andrew Thompson.  “Community Oracles”
Dave McClellan.  “The Unfinished Sermon”
Glenn Watson.  “The Preacher as Cultural Architect”
Jere L. Phillips.  “Preaching to Heal Conflicted Congregational Communities”
Ho Kwon.  “George Whitefield’s Advice for Creating Community”
J. Kent Edwards.  “Deep Preaching”
James Feathersone.  “Evaluating the Effectiveness of Five Forms of Expositional Preaching”
Jeff Magruder.  “The Hidden Promise of Expository Preaching for Pentecostal Theology and Spirituality”
K. Joseph Park.  “An Expository Preaching Model for the Church of Small Groups”
Kent Walkemeyer.  “Recognizing and Overcoming Obstacles to Collaborative Preaching”
Michael Quicke.  “Exploring the Architecture of Community Formation”
Mark Overstreet.  “The End of the Gutenburg Galaxy”

2008 Conference – The Theology Of Preaching

Blayne A. Banting.  And Speaking of God…” A Theology for Biblical Preaching
Kristopher K. Barnett.  Persuasive Dialogue in the Preaching of Paul
Kenneth E. Bickel.  Preaching for Spiritual Formation: Using the Sermon to Move Individuals Toward a Deeper Relationship with the Lord
Scott M. Gibson.  All I Want is a Practical Theology of Preaching
Michael S. Jeffress.  The Role of Multimedia Tools in Preaching according to Recent Homiletics Texts: Toward a Healthy Theology of the Convergence of Multimedia Tools and Preaching
Brian Jones.  The Legitimacy, Place, and Function of Theology in Biblical Preaching
Abraham Kuruvilla.  Preaching as Translation via Theology
Ken Langley.  When Christ Replaces God at the Center of Preaching
James Paton.  Walking Backwards Into The Future
Randal Emery Pelton.  Preaching as an Act of Soul-Watching: Why Worship Services Should Include “Listening to a Preacher’s Sermon.”
Benjamin B. Phillips.  Fiat Lux: The Doctrine of Creation as the ‘Origin’ for a High Theology of Preaching
David A. Ridder.  The Application of Missionary Elentics to Preaching to Postmoderns
Greg R. Scharf.  Should Preaching Be Re-imagined If Its Global Mandate Has Been Fulfilled?
Ervin R. Stutzman.  Raising the flag for Jesus
Stephen J. H. Tu.  East Meets West: A Zen Buddhist Pedagogy for Teaching Preaching

2007 Conference – Preaching To A Secularized West

Kenneth E. Bickel.  “Preaching the Pslams to the Contemporary Community”
Joel R. Breidenbaugh.  Back to the Future: Preaching in a Postmodern World
Francis-Clare Fischer.  Remember the Elocutionists!The Rantings of a Seminary Speech Teacher
Arica A. Heald and Jeffrey D. Arthurs.  Public Address in the Bible and the Secularized West: Genre-Sensitive and Culture-Sensitive Sermons from Biblical Speeches
Paul J. Hussey.  Speaking in Pictures: Language for a Postmodern Audience
Charles Kuthe.  Preaching Beyond the Pulpit: A Proposal for 21st Century Preaching
Ken Langley.  Rehabilitating and Reclaiming the Herald Image for Preachers in the Secularized West
Dave McClellan.  Mapping a Sermon: An Alternative Model of Homiletic Preparation
R. Larry Overstreet.  Emotional Subjectivity in Teaching/Preaching the Psalms
Calvin F. Pearson.  Tapeinic Argumentation
Kenneth W. Smith.  Preaching that Reaches Beyond Secular Myths and Idols
Ervin R. Stutzman.  Preaching in the Missional Church
Kent Walkemeyer and Tara Healy.  Evaluating Collaborative Approaches to Preparing and Delivering Sermons
Glenn Watson.  Proclaiming the Gospel as Metanarrative to Postmodern Hearers

2006 Conference – Toward Excellence in Equipping Preachers: A Future Focus and a Backward Glance

Kenton C. Anderson.  Preaching as Dialogue: Moving Beyond the ‘Speaching’ of the Word
Jerry N. Barlow and Bradley M. Rushing.  Humor in Preaching: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Pulpit. . . .
Jeffrey E. Carroll and Randal E. Pelton.  Cross-Eyed Application: Equipping Preachers to Urge Faith-Based, Text-driven Obedience
Brandon Cash.  Toward a Lifetime of Fruitful Preaching: Equipping Preachers to Regularly Engage the Biblical Languages
J. Kent Edwards.  Stories are for adults: Equipping preachers to communicate Biblical Narratives to Adult Audiences
Brian Jones.  The Future of Application? An evaluation of William J. Webb’s proposal in Slaves, Women & Homosexuals
Dale Keller.  ‘Comiletics’: Beyond the Monologic Model
Charles Kuthe.  The Devaluation of Preaching and the Death of the Church: Towards Excellence in Preaching as a Model for Church Growth.
Dave McClellan.  Why We Need Dead Pagans In Our Homiletic Classrooms
Calvin Pearson.  The Forgotten Pedagogy of Imitation: How Imitation in Ancient Rhetorical Pedagogy Informs Modern Homiletics
Michael J. Quicke.  The Neglected Trinity : a Challenge for Preachers.
Sam Serio.  Preaching to a Promiscuous Generation and their Victims
Ervin R. Stutzman.  Toward Excellence in Equipping Preachers: Four Foci for Classroom Instruction
Daniel J. Waite.  Toward a Holistic Preaching Model for Postmodern America: Integrating the Philosophy and Methodology of Haddon Robinson, David Buttrick, and Rick Warren
Tom Ward.  Revolutionary Preaching from the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
Glenn Watson.  The Sermon in Three Acts: The Rhetoric of Cinema and the Art of Narrative Exposition
Joseph M. Webb.  A New Frontier for the Pulpit: Long-Term Memory and the Future of Contemporary Preaching

2005 Conference – Show Me the Truth: Illustration, Metaphor and Example in Preaching

Jeffrey Arthurs.  Genre Sensitive Preaching of Parables
Michael Duduit.  Seeing the Truth: The Use of Visual Illustration in Preaching
Dave McClellan.  Recovering a Sense of Orality in Homiletics
Mark M. Overstreet.  Now I Am Found: The Recovery of the “Lost” Yale Lectures and the Legacy of Engaging Exposition
Calvin Pearson.  Metaphor: The Most Common and Complex of the Homiletician’s Tools
Philip B. Petersen.  Garden, Park, Glen, and Meadow: The Effect of Metaphor on Proclamation Today
Tim Ralston.  Postmodern Preaching: Reliable Maps for Renewing Roads
Shawn D. Radford.  The Sermon as Illustration: Confirming Biblical Texts in Concrete Expressions
Chuck Sackett.  The Elusive Illustration: Letting the Text Win!
Steven W. Smith.  The Non-Verbal Illustration: Mcluhan, Postman, and the Emerging Preacher
Ervin R. Stutzman.  Five Professorial Practices that Enhance Effectiveness in the Preaching Classroom
Austin B. Tucker.  Guiding Preachers in Development of Narrative Skills for Sermon Illustrations
Timothy S. Warren.  Presence is Persuasive

2004 Conference – Preaching And Theology

Jeffrey D. Arthurs.  Short Sentences Long Remembered: Preaching Genre-Sensitive Sermons from Proverbs
Blayne A. Banting.  A Bridge Over Troubled Waters: Revisiting a Metaphor for Biblical Preaching
Kristopher Barnett.  By Authority of the King: Proclaiming God’s Word in an Anti-Authority World
Kenneth E. Bickel.  Using the Sermonic Opportunity to Create an Experience for Worshippers – A Biblical and Theoretical Defense with Methodological Suggestions
Jame Bolds.  Preaching a Theology of Work and Worship
Zachary Eswine.  Spiritual Warfare and Preaching: Toward a Theology of “Noise” for Evangelical Homiletics
Greg W. Heisler.  Clark Kent or Superman?  A Case For A Spirit-Driven Methodology of Expository Preaching
Brian Jones.  Theology: A Master Key for Unlocking Application in Biblical Preaching
Korey L. Kincaid.  John Calvin’s Theology and Style of Preaching in Light of Contemporary Views
Charles B. Kuthe.  The Prodigal Preacher: The Misuse of Typology with Regard to Authorial Intent
R. Larry Overstreet.  A Pauline Theology of Preaching: Part 1
David Platt.  A Comparative Analysis of Theological Issues Affecting Preaching in a Pre-Christian and a Post-Christian Culture
Greg R. Scharf.  Was Bullinger Right?
Austin B. Tucker.  What Do You Mean “Truth Through Personality”? The Phillips Brooks Definition of Preaching in Historical Context
Paul Scott Wilson.  The Trouble/Grace School of Homiletics

2003 Conference – Preparing Those Who Preach

Jerry Barlow.  The Expository Eulogy: Teaching Pastoral Preaching for Funeral Sermons
Sidney Greidanus.  Teaching First-Year Preaching
Brian Jones.  Teaching Students the Applicational Power of the Big Idea
Ken Langley.  Striking All the Chords of the Text: Preparing Homiletics Students to Preach Genre-Sensitive Sermons
Patrick Lowthian.  Truth through Personality
Larry Overstreet.  The Priority of Persuasive Preaching – Part II: Implementation
Chuck Sackett.  Preparing Those Who Preach: To Ask The Right Questions
Greg Scharf.  Hitchhiking With Richard Hays: Toward Greater Faithfulness in Application
Kenneth Smith.  Preaching the Psalms with Respect for Their Inspired Design
Geoffrey Stevenson.  Conceptions of Learning in the Preacher’s Progress
Robert Stewart.  The Day The Sun Stood Still: Joshua 10, Narrative Structuralism, and Worldview Analysis
Don Sunukjian.  Helping Students Reflect on How God Has Used Preaching in Their Own Lives
John Tornfelt.  Preaching and Learning Styles: How to Communicate So People Can Listen
CJH Venter.  Hebrews As An Expository Sermon
June Yoder.  Teaching Preachers to Listen

2002 Conference – Preaching to Listeners: Connecting to Contemporary Audiences

Ken Bickel.  Understanding and Conquering the First Hurdle: Taking Responsibility for Listener Attentiveness – Part II
Dale Durie.  In Biblical Bounds: Using the Imagination within Biblical Limits
Dale Keller.  If the Medium is the Message, How is the Preacher the Sermon?
Ken Langley.  Pygmalion Preaching: Expect Listening, Get Listening
Craig Brian Larson.  Grafting in the Third Person Illustration
Timothy S. Mallard.  Considering the Call: Intentionally Developing a Culture of Vocations Within Contemporary Church Life
Gerry Mathisen.  When the Listener is a “Believing Seeker”: The Reflections of a Recovering Homiletician
Larry Overstreet.  The Priority of Persuasive Preaching: Part I: Foundation
Randal E. Pelton.  What Contemporary Listeners Really Need to Hear: Redefining Relevance in Relation to Biblical Preaching
Michael Quicke.  Let Anyone With Ears to Hear, Listen
Wayne E. Shaw.  Preaching Jesus’ Parables with Power
Argile Smith.  Rethinking the Value of Metaphors in Listener-Sensitive Homiletics
John V. Tornfelt.  Preaching the Psalms: Understanding Chiastic Structures for Greater Clarity
CJH Venter.  Expository Preaching: A Re-Evaluation for Today
C. Richard Wells.  Jesus Did Not Have a Website: A Fresh Look at Jesus the Preacher

2001 Conference – Preaching & Technology

Kenton C. Anderson.  Slow Cooking Sermons: Taking Time for Better Preaching
Jeffrey D. Arthurs and Ben Jackson.  Preaching in the Electronic Age
Jerry N. Barlow.  Third Heaven or Sheol?: The Incorporation of Media in Homiletics Teaching and Preaching at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
Todd Bates.  Augustine on Preaching and Those Who Hear
Kenneth E. Bickel.  Understanding and Conquering the First Hurdle: Taking Responsibility for Listener Attentiveness – Part One
Dennis M. Cahill.  Can Expository Preaching be Relevant for Both Believers and Seekers
J. Kent Edwards.  Innovation and Communication
David A. Enyart.  Preaching Parables: “The Question, The Quest, and the Discovery”
Zachary Eswine.  Finding the Unction in a Digital Landscape: Preaching, the Holy Spirit, and Emerging Technology
Al Fasol.  From Cogito to Video to Sentio Ergo Sum: Have Cultural Transitions Impacted Preaching?
Brian T. Hartley – Worship and Preaching in a Technological Society: A History of the Word through an “Ongian” Lens
Brian Larson.  Movements and Points – Distinctions
Wayne McDill.  Low-Tech Preaching in a High-Tech Age
Michael Quicke.  Technologizing of the Word – Flight, Fight or Befriend?