Call for Papers

Academics Ð The Cord Ð Scott Gibson Ð Faculty Ð Truett Ð 05/07/2018Each year the Evangelical Homiletics Society hosts its Annual International Scholars Conference. A key feature of the conference are the papers that members prepare and then present to their peers. This is the heartbeat of our scholarly society as members gather to engage with the ideas presented in the papers. There we’re able to encourage, query, and critique each other’s scholarship. Professors of preaching and other scholars lay out their ideas that have an impact on the classroom and their potential publications.

Many excellent proposals were submitted this year and those selected for presentation at the conference have been notified. Click here to download the proposal and submission guidelines

FIVE-MINUTE VIDEO: Authors of papers selected for presentation at the Annual International Scholars Conference are required to provide a five-minute introductory/overview video that’ll be posted on the website with the completed paper prior to the conference: 1) introduce yourself; 2) provide the idea you’re arguing in your paper; 3) provide a brief overview of the paper. Make sure you stay within the five-minute timeframe. Due: 22 September 2021. The video should be uploaded to a filesharing service (Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.) and a link shared with

PAPERS: Authors of papers will send a WORD file document to Dr. Scott M. Gibson, Vice-President, EHS @ Due: 22 September 2021.

Scott M. Gibson
Vice-President (2020-21)