The Haddon W. Robinson Biblical Preaching Award

The Haddon W. Robinson Biblical Preaching Award

The Haddon W. Robinson Biblical Preaching Award is an annual preaching scholarship established in honor of Dr. Haddon W. Robinson, one of the leading evangelical homileticians of the later 20th and early 21st centuries. Robinson’s teaching career in homiletics spanned decades, instructing students at three different seminaries. Dr. Robinson’s classic textbook, Biblical Preaching, helped shape the place and force of evangelical homiletics. Robinson’s legacy for preaching is captured in this significant award.  A informational flyer and pdf format can be downloaded here.

The genre of sermons for 2023 is Pentateuch/Torah.

  • This scholarship is open to all active members of EHS currently pursuing an undergraduate or master’s degree;
  • Sermons are to be 15-20 minutes in length;
  • Sermons are to focus on the theme and/or Bible text announced for the Haddon W. Robinson Preaching Award;
  • The target listeners are members of a local evangelical church;
  • The sermons are to be videotaped and submitted at;
  • A task force of EHS members will view the submission, evaluate it using this rubric, and determine first, second and third prize awardees;
  • The Board will notify the students of the decisions at least 90 days prior to the EHS annual conference;
  • Recipients will be recognized at the annual EHS conference; the first place recipient may be an option of presenting the message during the EHS (e.g. one of the periods in which academic papers are presented) and a possible link to the message included on the EHS website;
  • Cash awards:
    1) first place = $500, plus registration fees and meals to attend the EHS conference
    2) second place = $400
    3) third place = $300

The submission deadline is June 15, 2023.

Past Winners

2022 –
   1st Place: Bree Snow “The Cure for Conceit
   2nd Place: Michael Paul “Cling to God’s Word
   3rd Place: Dae Hyeon Hong “Do not Lose Heart
2021 – Chase Campbell “Jesus is Returning, So What?” 
2020 – Jonathan Nason “A Christian’s Posture in a Pandemic
2019 – Ben Crelin “Laborers in the Vineyard
2018 – Jonathan Moreno, “God Is Good to His People
2017 – Collin Skipper, “Jesus’ Words to Suffering People
2016 – David Giese, “God, Do You Care About Me?”