What is the Chrysostom Club?

Named after John “Golden Mouth” Chrysostom, the fourth century Archbishop of Constantinople known for his preaching, the Chrysostom Club was established in 2022 to recognize the contributions made by retired EHS members, former members, and others to the field of homiletics and the Evangelical Homiletics Society. Our hope is that our Chrysostom Club members will continue to utilize EHS resources and to contribute to the next generation of EHS members.

  • Requires prior EHS membership or Board appointment

  • Requires retirement from a vocational career in the field of homiletics. 

  • Members must remain in good standing. 

  • Membership fees are waived. 

Al Faso

Alice Mathews

Carol Norén

Chuck Sackett

Daniel Green

Daniel L. Wong

Dave Bland

David Enyart

Don Sunukjian

Donald L. Hamilton

Endel Lee

Ervin Stutzman

Greg Scharf

Hulitt Gloer

John Koessler

John Tornfelt

June Yoder

Kenneth Bickel

Larry Overstreet

Lee Eclov

Lionel Moriah

Michael Quicke

Sidney Greidanus

Timothy Warren

Wayne McDill


In Memoriam

We stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us. This section is a small way to honor those no longer with us, who’ve helped the Evangelical Homiletics Society and contributed to the field of homiletics.

Jerry N. Barlow


William L. Hogan


David L. Larsen


Haddon Robinson


Wayne E. Shaw


Austin B. Tucker


C.J.H. Venter


Keith Wilhite