Message from the President

Message from the President

As a young preacher, my philosophy of preaching was shaped by the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Dr. Robert Smith Jr. of Beeson Divinity School. Dr. King viewed “preaching ministry as a dual process” involving the individual and society. This implies the preacher is a priest and prophet. Dr. Smith considers the purpose of preaching to be the transformation of the hearer. Therefore, the preacher is a change agent.

As I reflect on the history of the Evangelical Homiletics Society, I believe we embody the principles of being binary and transforming. Our membership is a guild of researchers and practitioners who focus on the art and science of preaching. We are for the classroom and the church. We are for professors and pastors. We are for scholarship and fellowship.

As change agents, we desire to be a catalyst in evangelical homiletics by promoting biblical-theological preaching, preparing teachers of preachers, and producing scholarship in Homiletics. Since 1997, our members have produced a proliferation of articles, books, dissertations, and papers, which have changed the trajectory of evangelical homiletics in the twenty-first century.

As the president for 2020-2021, I will ensure we continue fulfilling our foundational purposes as well as prepare for the future by increasing minority memberships, institutional partnerships, and periodic fellowships. However, I need your support. For current members, you can invite other pastors, professors, and students to join the society. If you are not a member of EHS, I encourage you to join us. Through EHS, you will discover your homiletical genius, be exposed to the best scholarship in evangelical preaching, and experience “diversity in action.” You will hear minority voices and learn from other ecclesiastical traditions. Are you ready to elevate your preaching and scholarship? Join us as we prepare preachers to change society through their classrooms and churches in North America and around the world.

For the love of preaching,

Jesse L. Nelson, DMin
President | Evangelical Homiletics Society
Senior Pastor| Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church of Panama City, Florida