2024 Evangelical Homiletics Society Annual Meeting


October 17-19, 2024
Lancaster Bible College
Lancaster, PA

The Evangelical Homiletics Society

EHS is an academic society formed to exchange ideas related to the instruction of biblical preaching. EHS’s goals are as follows: to advance the cause of biblical preaching through the promotion of a biblical-theological approach, increase competence for teachers of preaching, integrate the fields of communication, biblical studies, and theology, and provide scholarly contributions to the field of homiletics.

Join a Growing Community of Scholars

Join our vibrant community of scholars and practitioners dedicated to elevating biblical preaching! Whether you're a seasoned pastor, a passionate student, or a cherished retiree, the EHS has a membership category for you. Dive deeper into the world of homiletics, connect with colleagues who share your passion, and gain access to invaluable resources.

The Journal (JEHS)

The JEHS is a professional peer-reviewed international journal published twice a year and contains articles on homiletics, book reviews, and sermons.  See Submission Guidelines or contact Dr. Scott Gibson for details on advertising in the JEHS. View Current and Past Journals

Scholarships and Awards

The Evangelical Homiletics Society is dedicated to empowering the next generation of impactful preachers. Since 1997, we've been a cornerstone for aspiring homileticians, offering resources and recognition through our prestigious scholarship competitions. These exclusive opportunities are available only to EHS members, providing a platform to showcase your talent and further your preaching education. Not a member? Join today.

Become an International Affiliate

Evangelical Homiletics Society seeks passionate leaders to establish EHS chapters globally. Join our network & equip others. By affiliating with the EHS, your chapter gains exclusive benefits and opportunities to connect with a global network of homileticians. Learn more about your impact and how to establish an EHS chapter today!

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