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    • The Evangelical Homiletics Society Forum!

      Whether you're a seasoned preacher or professor seeking to refine your craft or a new voice yearning to share the message, you've come to the right place. This forum is a vibrant community dedicated to the art and practice of biblical preaching.

      For Newcomers:

      We understand the challenges of crafting compelling sermons. Here, you'll find a wealth of resources to elevate your preaching:

      • Browse insightful threads on sermon preparation, delivery techniques, and theological foundations.
      • Don't hesitate to ask questions! Our experienced members are eager to offer guidance and support.
      • Share your own preaching experiences – both successes and struggles.

      For Experienced Preachers:

      Your wisdom is invaluable! We encourage you to:

      • Share your knowledge and best practices to help others grow in their preaching ministry.
      • Offer constructive feedback on sermon topics and approaches (when requested).
      • Spark discussions on contemporary issues and their implications for preaching.
      • Be respectful. Treat all members with courtesy and respect, even when there are disagreements. The EHS is made up of various denominations, each with unique perspectives on the interpretation of God's Word. Each EHS member must adhere to our statement of faith, but outside of that, there is great freedom. Avoid personal attacks, insults, or inflammatory language. We encourage discourse, but if you sense responses are becoming heated, we ask respectively you to refrain from further interaction. Feel free to contact us should you become aware of flagrant disrespect or offense.
      • Have integrity. If you provide copyrighted content, make sure you cite author of that content to the best of your ability. Proper citation is important to the advancement of scholarship and more importantly, it's the right thing to do.
      • Stay on Topic. Focus your posts on discussions related to biblical preaching and homiletics.
      • No spam or self-promotion. This forum is not intended for. commercial purposes.
      • Moderation. The EHS executive committee reserves the right to moderate the forum and remove any content deemed inappropriate or in violation of these guidelines. Continue violations of these expectations may result in a ban from forum use or it may ask you leave the society.

      Together, let's:

      • Proclaim the Gospel with clarity and passion.
      • Equip one another to be faithful and effective communicators of God's Word.
      • Foster a supportive and encouraging environment for all who seek to spread the message of Christ.

      We invite you to explore the forum, introduce yourself, and join the conversation!

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